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Monday, December 25, 2006


Some Holiday Cheer!

I awoke early this morning before the sun rose and ran downstairs to the Christmas tree, still in my Garanimals pajamas, to see what Santa Claus had brought for ModFab this year. And what, to my surprise, was there next to the stockings and eggnog? Gifts from our glorious readers! Thank you all, especially EdandTony (I love it!), Kay (I started reading immediately!), and StinkyLulu (I'm still psychologically scarred by the final tracks, but I adore it...Christmas will never be the same!). I also got a bevy of great presents from Mr. ModFab, who must be mentioned because, well, he's friggin' gorgeous...I mean generous. We're now off to see Dreamgirls again, because that's what good fags do on Christmas: go to gay church to see Our Lady of Perpetual Oscar Buzz, Miss Jennifer Hudson. Hope your holidays are similarly modern and fabulous!


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