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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Hot Holy Roller: Jay Bakker

I don't know what to think about Jay Bakker, the punk-rocker son of Jim and Tammy Faye who has started his own evangelist church and is the focus of the new Sundance series One Punk Under God. Check out the promo here, which makes the whole thing look like a cheerfully manic Panic at the Disco video.

On the one hand, evangelism: ick. (Having personal faith is a beautiful thing; pushing it on others is sadistic and evil.) On the other hand, Jay seems to be very gay-supportive, even to the point of losing major funding from Christian conservatives to be so. I think I'll at least watch the premiere, which airs tomorrow...while I dig the idea of a tattoo'ed preacher man, I'd have to hear more substantive ideas before buying in. It would be quite something for gays and the religious right to find some common ground; in my experience, even the most gay-friendly evangelists turn bitterly homophobic when they get drunk enough. So fingers crossed that Jay is the real deal. [Queerty]



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