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Sunday, December 03, 2006


Brazilian Man of the Year

Our pals at Made in Brazil have started their end-of-year countdown, looking for the hottest Brazilian Guy of the Year. The 15 candidates are all smoking hot (so hot, in fact, that I will use the rarely-employed extra "t"...they are smokin' HOTT).

Most casual observers will probably go for Rodrigo Santoro (upper left corner), now that he's appearing on ABC's desert island drama Lost. But we urge you to reach further into the pool of nominees...specifically, to peruse the bottom-row, fourth-from-the-left entry, where you will find the completely adorable and ModFab Lust Object Cauã Reymond. Now THAT's a reason to go to Brazil. He's recently been naked and playing gay on a Brazilian soap opera, and the video is here. He makes my heart go boom. Oh wait a second, that isn't my heart...



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