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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


You Tube of the Week: Dancing With The Stars

So...should I be watching Dancing with the Stars? I already watch too much television in general, and too much reality television in specific. AND I think it's cheesy. AND I'm not wild about ballroom dancing. AND in my opinion, any show that features Lisa Rinna and Drew Lachey should really rethink the whole "stars" idea. (How about "Dancing With The Vaguely Familiar C-Listers"?)

But Idolator tells me it's a ratings bonanza, and that some of my favorite bands are slumming performing on the show. A couple of weeks ago, it was the Scissor Sisters. Last week, it was the Pet Shop Boys, performing "West End Girls" at the end of their U.S. tour (which regular readers know I had to miss, which I'm still bitter about). See PSB above, and weep for the death of culture. Yes, they're a dance band, but they're smart and after a gazillion albums, they still have to play their oldest (and weakest IMHO) American hit. What next? Annie Lennox doing the rhumba? Kylie duetting with Wayne Newton? Stephen Sondheim whoring out his song catalog? Sigh. I wish my idols didn't suffer such ignominy.



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