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Thursday, November 23, 2006



Just wanted to take a moment to notice the things in my life that are truly modern and fabulous, for which I am very thankful:
  1. First and foremost: the Son of Agamemnon. The greatest blessing of all.
  2. My sister, my parents, my grandmother. Y'all are crazy, but I love you.
  3. Ms. Maddox. She makes my world go around.
  4. The talented artists and kindred souls of MadShag, spread across NYC, D.C., Hartford and Baltimore, who created Angels in America, The Madness of Lady Bright, Significant Blur, and the staged readings of The Haunted Host, Fruit Salad and Why Hannah's Skirt Won't Stay Down.
  5. The true friends I have in the blogiverse, and I'm sorry if I forget anyone: Arjan, Brilliant at Breakfast, Cupcake Planet, Dave Navarro, Ed and Tony, The Film Experience, Flick Filosopher, The Fortress of Solitude, The Gilded Moose, I Am Screaming and Punching Myself, Jockohomo, Lone Star Verve, Mainly Movies, My Cabinet of Distractions, My New Plaid Pants, NewNowNext, NewYorkology, Nick's Flick Picks, OMG, Par3182, Penguin Food, PopBytes, Pressing The Flesh, Queering The Apparatus, Radio Allegro, Rod 2.0, Stinkylulu, Thomas Dolby, 3 Guys, 2K9s, Toons 'N Tunes, and Ultranow.
  6. And all of the readers who don't have blogs of their own. (God bless you for that.) :-)
  7. The Democrats, who managed to not screw it up this time.
  8. My assistant Cameron. Trust me, she makes it happen.
  9. Great art, when it happens. Bill T. Jones at Lincoln Center. Zhang Yimou. Julie White in The Little Dog Laughed. My husband's recital. Brothers and Sisters on ABC, The Office, Jericho. Gwen Stefani. [Title of Show], which is the cast recording of the year. My girl Kylie. Paul Cadmus. To name but a few.
  10. You. Thanks for being a part of this.


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