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Friday, November 10, 2006


Review Me: Or, How To Blog For Fun And Profit

Go ahead. Call us shameless shills for The Man, product-obsessed sluts, or simply materialistic. But something new may soon appear at Modern Fabulousity from time to time: consumer reviews. It's all due to Patrick Gavin’s new ReviewMe.com, a new service where bloggers critique products and services and (gasp!) get paid for it.

We're intrigued to see if it works. The last remaining problem in the blog world is figuring out how to make it profitable, or at least sustainable, for a wide variety of practitioners. We introduced sidebar ads a while back, which have been successful to a degree, but other options -- banner ads embedded in posts, or (perish the thought) pop-ups -- are not things we're willing to subject you good, decent people to. [The preceding post was a paid advertisement. So there.]

What's great about ReviewMe, in our opinion, is its user controls. It's not corporate slavery; ModFab can pick which products to review (and more importantly, which ones NOT to review). There is also no editorial oversight...we can write what we want, with no input from the corporate overlords. (And they protect the consumer too: bloggers must disclose the fact that the review is for the pay service, so you know right up front that we've sold our soul to the devil, probably for jewelry.)

We're natural born reviewers, so we think it'll be a good fit for ModFab. Of course, there's ethics involved...many feel that blogging should be altruistic and pure, like a rainbow on a crisp spring day over a meadow covered with daffodils and tiny shetland ponies. And to those people, we say: sorry. We are whores, and happy to be so.


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