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Monday, November 20, 2006


Monday ManScan

Yeah. You drink that water. You like that bottled water, doncha boy? Yeah. You're so dirty and thirsty. Uh-huh. Drink it up. (Yes, I am both a pervert AND boring.)

A Cause des Garcons: Francesco Arca
Beautiful: Andres Sanchez
Big Muscle Bears: MuscleStud
Blog Thisaway: Go Softwear...
Cisoto: Etgar Boner
Completely Naked: Nothing Hotter Than A Shirtless Gymnast
Hunk du Jour: Paul T.
Kenneth in the (212): David Denman
Kick It With The Boys: Raphael
ModFab: James Bond
So Slowly: DJ Aron
Tom, Elsewhere: Boys To Lick
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