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Sunday, November 05, 2006


ModMusic: Bjork

I tend to fall in love with a different Bjork album almost every month; her work is so diverse, intricate and moving that it's possible to find entire new oceans of meaning and sound in a record you have heard dozens of times before. Over the years, I've often rediscovered the atmospheric pop of Debut, or the moody architecture of Selmasongs; other times, I find myself listening again to the frenetics of Homogenic or the vocal swirls of Medúlla. Every time, it's like finding fresh, ripe fruit.

This week, I'm in love with Vespertine, her lush 2001 magnum opus. It's got extraordinary romance in the harmonies, and an aggressive avant-garde reach in its construction. It's her most accessible record since Post; I offer up the heartbreaking "It's Not Up To You" (godDAMN, that is a beautiful song) and the disquieting "Pagan Poetry" as proof of the album's mastery. Enjoy.

Download: "It's Not Up To You", Bjork
Download: "Pagan Poetry", Bjork
Then Get: Vespertine, Bjork
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