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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Five Best Moments About Last Night's Chat

Thanks to all who contributed to last night's Election Chat. We had blog buddies from Canada, Australia, and many elated Americans discussing the important issues: the closeness of the Virginia Senate race, how hot Barack Obama is, and Hillary Clinton's unfortunate yellow pantsuit. My favorite moments:

1) Nathaniel calling for Nicole Kidman to run in 2008.
2) JA cracking everyone up nonstop.
3) Pressing The Flesh having endless optimism about Virginia.
4) PoliVamp and I tearing up when the Democrats took the House.
5) Did I mention that Barack Obama is smoking hot? And Rahm Emmanuel wasn't too bad, either.

We'll be doing our next chat during awards season...maybe the Golden Globes? And a number of the NYC participants from last night may be gathering for a social drink next week. If you're interested, drop us an email and we'll forward it to the appropriate party planner.



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