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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Circle of Life Thursdays

"Time sometimes flies like a bird, sometimes crawls like a snail; but a man is happiest when he does not even notice whether it passes swiftly or slowly." -- Ivan Turgenev

Born Today:
Ivan Turgenev, Russian writer (1818); Dorothy Dandridge, Carmen Jones starlet (1923); Carl Sagan, space imagineer (1934); Bryn Terfel, Welsh baritone (1965); Chris Jericho, American wrestler (1970)

Today's Poker Game In Heaven:
Guillaume Apollinaire, French poet (1918); Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet (1953); Charles de Gaulle, President of France (1970); Yves Montand, On A Clear Day romantic (1991); Art Carney, Honeymooner sidekick (2003)

On This Day:
1494 - Family de' Medici become rulers of Florence.
1888 - Jack the Ripper kills Mary Jane Kelly, his last known victim.
1921 - Albert Einstein is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.
1938 - Kristallnacht, Nazi Germany's large-scale act of anti-Jewish violence, begins.
2004 - Mozilla Firefox 1.0 released.



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