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Monday, November 27, 2006


Amazing Race All-Stars: Rawb and Ambuh Are Back!

Like cockroaches and pleated pants, Rob and Amber never seem to die. After irritating the world on two editions of Survivor, one of the Amazing Race, and during the early morning hours, the world's most overexposed mating jerks will return for the all-star edition of The Amazing Race in February. Also set to appear: Uchenna and Joyce, their main competition from the seventh season installment, and David and Mary, aka "Kentucky" from the current installment. Not expected to return: the scream-if-you-love-me theatrics of Jonathan and Victoria from season 6, or season 5 winners Chip and Kim. There are rumors on the internet that season 5 teams Colin and Christie and Charla and Mirna are participating, but those have not been confirmed. (Personally, we'd like to see the return of Team Cha Cha Cha, aka Oswald and Danny; hilariously whiny bitches Adam and Rebecca; and our favorite gays ever, Lynn and Alex.)
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