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Thursday, November 02, 2006


All Your Blogs Are Belong To Us

The Gaybloggies are out, and we're not nominated (surprise). Bitter? A bit, but only because the nominations are so completely uninspired. I mean, it's hard to get excited about the list when Towleroad is up in every. friggin. category. Doesn't anyone read the other 100,000,000 million gay blogs out there? Surely there's one or two that might be as good as Andy. With this decisive victory over all of gay blogdom, we think Towleroad should change its name to something more evocative, more descriptive, more indicative of its global conquest. Like USA Today. Or The Advocate, But With Fewer Celebrities. Or TV Guide, But No Crossword.

Yes, my name is Bitter McBitterly, thank you very much. If you do plan to vote, we hope you'll choose wisely...and by wisely, we mean ArjanWrites, Jockohomo, Lady Bunny, Lone Star Verve, Made in Brazil, and Completely Naked.


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