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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


You Tube of the Week: The Truth About William Sledd

Okay, so I have some questions about You Tube's latest self-made celebrity, the gay 23-year-old Gap employee known to the world William Sledd. Yes, he's all over the internet. But really...who is he? Why is he interesting? Does he know that the Gap makes its clothes in sweatshops? Is he serious about that sad, sad, hairstyle, or is it a Clay Aiken joke that he's not aware of? Are his stories about life in Kentucky fascinating, or merely irritating? Can a man without any knowledge of couture, culture, or grammar actually be an advice guru? I mean, he's no Carson Kressley. Or Christopher Lowell. Or even that scary guy from the first season of What Not To Wear.

I watched three of his videos before deciding to turn this whole, odd mess over to you, my readers. If William does something worth watching, please notify me. Many, many more William Sledd videos here .



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