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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Wait Wait Wait Wait WAIT.

I've been good, haven't I? It's been nearly three days, and I haven't mentioned one word about Rep. Mark Foley and his congressional pedophilia. Oh, I could have put together one of my hilarious, bitchy, incisive posts on the subject, but I thought: no. It's too easy. Like shooting whales in a barrel. Other bloggers will knock this softball out of the park, and the Republicans will be forced to admit that their selectively-chosen "family values" are as twisted and warped as their economics and foreign policy.

But then Newt Gingrich had to open his fucking mouth, on Fox News Sunday with that toad Chris Wallace. And he had the unmitigated gall to defend the Republicans' inaction -- oh yes, they knew about Foley and his attraction to teenagers for YEARS -- with a swipe at the gays:

GINGRICH: I think had they overly aggressively reacted....they would have also been accused of gay bashing. I mean, the original notes had no sexual innuendo and the parents did not want any action taken.

WALLACE: Well, how would it have been gay bashing?

GINGRICH: Because it was a male-male relationship.
Newt (never was a man more aptly named), you scumbucket: EVERY GAY MAN I KNOW thinks pedophilia is a crime, and wants offenders punished. Don't blame your moral hypocrisy on us. Prosecute every one of them, send them to jail and throw away the key. Whether it's girls OR boys. It is perverse and sick to say now that you didn't want to offend gays....like that's ever stopped you from doing anything before. If you're now looking to change your behavior on our account, your lack of adequate AIDS funding, the ban on gay marriage, tacit support of homophobic violence, and workplace discrimination are what TRULY offends us. Take your lumps like a man, and quit trying to pass the buck.

And Newt? If you're hiding any other pedophiles up there on Capitol Hill (are you listening, Congressman Dreier?), skip the homophobic excuses and tell the police NOW. [Rod 2.0]



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