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Thursday, October 05, 2006


'Privilege'...or Punishment?

Like a fetid pile of toxic waste laying next to an open sewer inhabited by a skunk with a flatulence problem, Kevin Federline has released his new single. The track, "Privilege," is more downtempo than previous gems "Popozao" or "Lose Control", but no less heinously putrid. Devoid of all creativity, it's a tune-free journey into celebrity disaster. In other words...it totally rocks, if you're into schadenfreude and irony:

"Been on the West Coast all my life/In love with the herb just like my wife
And in love with the Hennessey every damn night/
It's going down like a fresh pair of panties/
Yeah, look better than a couple pair of grannies"

Ahhh. He makes life worth living, I swear.



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