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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Grey's Anatomy Turns Pink: T.R. Knight is Gay

So the secret that everybody on Broadway knew over five years ago (when he starred in the revival of Noises Off) is now the latest oh-mi-god-he's-gay scandal: T.R. Knight, the shlubby heartthrob of Grey's Anatomy, is a big 'mo. I'm sure that the housewives of Sioux Falls and the teenage girls of Topeka are besides themselves at this latest betrayal of the cultural code of conduct.

Let's hope that T.R.'s talent -- which you know is formidable, if you've seen him on stage -- stays the most important reason to view his show. I've had the opportunity to meet him in person a number of times (the picture here is from The Drama League Awards), and he's incredibly nice, generous, and (yes) adorable. And let's hope that the rumors of on-set homophobia at Grey's Anatomy are untrue. The current witch hunt for gay celebrity (Lance Bass, even Mark Foley) is horrific. I'm not a defender of the closet, but even I'm a little appalled at the invasion of privacy happening these days.



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