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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Gay Marriage in Jersey

UPDATE: Two steps forward, one step back...amazing how judges can talk out of both sides of their mouth. While affirming that gays should have equality in rights of marriage, they nevertheless buckled in semantics...directing the legislature to decide in the next 180 days whether it will officially be called 'marriage' or 'civil unions' or something else entirely. (Some suggestions: the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies, Cocksuckers Went A Courtin', or HomoLuv). I guess I should be happier about this, but it's another instance of heterosexist politics at play in what it ultimately a question of fairness. If we deserve the same rights, we deserve the same verbiage. I'll take it (because I need the tax breaks, frankly), but it still makes us less than straights.

PREVIOUSLY: Rod2.0 notes that the New Jersey Supreme Court will announce their ruling on gay marriage today (Wednesday) at 3pm. The court is regarded as very progressive, so the chances are good...however, we've all been disappointed before. Stay tuned. (And thanks for the ModFab love in the same post, Rod...if I could marry you, I would.)



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