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Friday, October 20, 2006


Friday Hot Guy Blogging: Dean Geyer

We love all things Australian. The kangaroos. The outback steaks. Priscilla. The Sydney Swans. That adorable accent. And of course...we love Aussie men. Case in point: Dean Geyer, a South African-born, Melbourne-raised beauty who is currently trying to win Australian Idol. Like its worldwide cousins, the Down Under Idol doesn't guarantee worldwide success...so Dean will need to count on his impressive voice and guitar playing, his dreamy water-blue eyes, and that seductively playful smile that always seems to say, "Yes, ModFab, I want you in unspeakable ways, ways that would embarrass your mother."

A fan favorite, Dean's already been discovered by a few blogs, which means he's got widespread appeal. You can see Dean's performances on You Tube, which are better than average Idol fare. He's also got two fan sites already and a MySpace page. Heck, he's just one compromising Paris Hilton photo away from being the next international superstar.



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