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Monday, October 23, 2006


Fab Finds

A new column here at Modern Fabulousity, made up entirely of things people e-mail to me. Press releases, sure...but also links to your blogs, favorite articles, funny bits, important news, why Bush sucks, why Paris Hilton sucks, why Kylie is God, etc. Please include links when emailing. Hey, interactivity with the readers...why didn't I think of that before?

THE DREAMGIRLS POSTER: Thank you, faithful reader, who sent in this gorgeous image. It made my day, my week, and my month.

THE LEATHER CHAPS ARE EXTRA: Regular reader Gazza is growing a mustache...but not (merely) to attract bears and otters. It's actually part of Movember, a charity event that raises money to fight prostate cancer. Men start the month of November clean shaven, and grow their facial bush throughout the month...all to compete in a catwalk "stache"-off to win the coveted prize. If you prefer to keep your upper lip smooth, however, you can sponsor Gazza with a donation for a great and important cause.

MORE BURNT SIENA, PLEASE: Take that, 700 Club! Garrett County Press has asked favorite artists to "color in" pages from Kevin Stone's latest project, The Pat Robertson and Friends Coloring Book. The artists, who range from Philadelphia designers to Bangkok street artists, were given simple instructions: pick your favorite page and have fun. The results are a hoot.

CHERCHEZ LA FEMMES: Our favorite lesbian bloggerbuddy, Maria at Daily Dose of Queer, is putting out a collection of essays on queer femme identity, and she's seeking subissions. Visible: A Femmethology will explore "the power and complications in presenting femme as a gender and breaking the traditional meaning of feminine." More info and submission guidelines at MySpace and Femmethology.

STICKY FUN: I'm digging on Sticky, a hardcover graphic novel written by Dale Lazarov and drawn by Steve MacIsaac. The guys have been interviewed at Comics Nexus about their brazenly sexy erotic comics, and the work is definitely worth checking out if you're an unrepentant pervert like us. (The sample pages at Nexus are titillating, to say the least.) We should probably mention Sticky's artistic value (which is not insignificant -- well drawn and conceived), but the truth is, we don't buy Playgirl for the articles.

TRAVELING FIRST-CLASS: As we begin to plan our winter vacation in February (we're taking our best friend and running off to warmer climes, possibly a cruise, possibly the Caribbean), we are so thankful to have heard about Pink Choice, a LGBT travel service that offers destination reviews and more. With so many places in the world having such a different reaction to gay people, it's important for travelers to hear what's safe (and fun) and what's dangerous (and boring). And whatever you do, avoid Jamaica like the plague.



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