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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Bafdom is ModFab Backwards...

Regular readers may have realized that posting was light this week here at MF. I've got a good excuse: my production of Angels In America: Millennium Approaches opened last night, and I've been working 16-hour-plus days for over a week to make it happen. We encountered a lot of unexpected technical issues, we're overbudget and we're so sleep-deprived we seem loopy all day. The good news is that the opening went very well -- cast and crew pulled together to make the magic happen, and there it was onstage, in all its angelic glory.

So pardon me while I take the weekend off...I'll be back to you on Monday, when normal life (and normal blogging) will resume. In the meantime, check out MadShag and Queering The Apparatus, who came to see our opening and was very enthusiastic about the production.


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