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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


When The Votes Don't Count

Look, I know that our fab buddy Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast sometimes comes on a little strong about government corruption. But one thing she's completely right about are the voting abuses in America -- a representative democracy depends completely on its ability to have votes correctly counted and registered, and since 2000, too many mistakes and deceits have disrupted the democratic process. Most of them under the watch of Republicans (but who's counting).

Today's balloting in Maryland is an abomination...tens of thousands of votes nullified by poor planning, incompetence and (possibly) corrupt acts. I agree with Valerie, quoted in the Washington Post this morning:
"This is just obscene, that we can live in one of the most forward-thinking counties in the country, and have so many advantages open to us, and for some reason we can't get our polls to work," said campaign volunteer Valerie Coll, who was stationed outside Cannon Road Elementary School in Silver Spring. She said poll workers turned voters away until the campaign volunteers told them to offer paper ballots instead.
I hate to get angry and bitchy; ModFab is a place for fun and happy stuff. But it's situations like this that make me nod my head when Jill gets apocalyptic. (It also makes me love her deeply.) If you aren't working on securing accurate voting (with a paper confirmation trail) in your community, you are pissing your freedom away. Plain and simple.



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