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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Stage Addiction: She Looks So Much Taller in This Dress

There's not much genuine news this week (besides Kristin Chenoweth's return to Broadway in The Apple Tree and Stephen Spinella joining the cast of Spring Awakening), so I'm not going to bore you, or me, with a lot of second-rate banter. Early October will see most of the fall shows start previews, so we should be out of the doldrums soon. Meanwhile, here's the headlines of interest:

- Coming to a Broadway theatre near you...frequent flier miles! (And you thought it was about art.)

- Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd begins shooting February 5th at London's famed Pinewood Studios. In addition to Johnny Depp and Jim Broadbent, Burton's putting together an Oscar-winning design team: costumer Colleen Atwood (Memoirs of a Geisha) and cinematographer Dante Spinotti (L.A. Confidential).

- Porn stud Spencer Quest is joining the cast of Off-Broadway's Naked Boys Singing. He's trying to do more light musical comedy after Manplay 4 and Horse Hung, both of which were too Chekhovian for my tastes.

- Disney's Tarzan put out a press release celebrating their 150th performance. Not exactly Phantom, is it? When you start celebrating being open for 18 weeks, you need to raise the bar for success. It's basically been open since last Thursday.

- Win tickets to the new musical Mimi Le Duck! What is Mimi Le Duck, exactly? We have no clue. But it's free. As all musicals with the words "Mimi" and "Duck" in their titles should be.

- Surprise surprise: Usher's sticking around Chicago for two more weeks. Apparently George Hamilton had a scheduling conflict, Joey Buttafuoco has a cold, and Fred Willard is busy.

- And finally -- yes kids, the first big musical of the season has arrived on 45th Street. A five, six, seven, eight...



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