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Friday, September 22, 2006


Out of Bounds, Out of Doors...Out of Underwear!

A personal plug: my staging of Landford Wilson's The Madness of Lady Bright opened last night as part of the enormous OFF Stage Festival, a West Village walking tour marking the historical spots of Off-Off Broadway's legendary theatres. Most of the performing spaces are long gone, sadly, but this festival steamrolls right over that minor detail by staging the works in full view in front of whatever is there now. So you can now see Maria Irene Fornes' The Successful Life of 3 (with ModFab buddy Oscar Castillo) on the sidewalk in front of the Garage on 7th Avenue; Robert Patrick's The Haunted Host spooking up Christopher Street; and best of all, 14 sexy young actors stripped down to their underwear, performing Richard Schechner's Dionysus in '69 while crossing 6th Avenue at 8th Street. You heard me...while CROSSING THE STREET. IN THEIR UNDERWEAR. AND THEY'RE HOT.

You may have seen the big article in the New York Times today about the history of this event. Our company, MadShag, was honored with performing a piece written at the legendary Caffe Cino, where Tennessee Williams, Robert Patrick, Doric Wilson, and others initiated the gay theatre movement in the 60's. The Caffe Cino is now Po Restaurant, so there we are, in the middle of Cornelia Street, with Steve Hauck playing the fabulous transvestite Leslie Bright, sitting at her makeup table and going rapidly insane. (Gretchen Michelfeld and Lars Preece play his hallucinations; I was also thrilled to have a co-director, the one and only Kay Mitchell, who brought mountains of style and originality to the piece.)

It is quite a sight to see...both the piece (which is really good, if I do say so myself) and the social experiment of performing outside, in the middle of a road. Audiences and street traffic have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. The festival runs for three more weekends, and supposedly there's another big New York Times article coming out next week. Book your tickets now!



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