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Monday, September 04, 2006


Oscarcasting: Best Movie Of The Year!

It's just barely Labor Day, but we're already hearing that familiar refrain from overactive film critics: "[fill in the blank] is the best movie of the year!" David Poland, who is famed for his overenthusiasm, decided to use that superlative today when discussing Todd Field's latest domestic drama, Little Children. Which it very well might be. But in our opinions, it's waaaaaay too early to make grand statements...even Poland, who gets long lead times from the studios, would admit he hasn't seen all of the true Oscar contenders. Plus: two years ago around this time, he picked Phantom of the Opera as "the best movie of the year!" Girlfriend, please.

I am excited for Oscar season to begin; unlike Poland, I've yet to see the best film of the year (I hope). I was in the minority on Field's last film, In The Bedroom (which I thought was okay, but no big shakes), so I am a bit skeptical of anointing it the Oscar champion this early. Plus, with films by Almodovar, Cuaron, Lynch, Aronofsky, Branagh, Forster, Guest and many others on the way, I'm reserving best-of accolades for a while. (I do like that trailer for The Last King of Scotland, though.)

Expect our thoughts soon on The Science of Sleep, Half Nelson, and The Illusionist. (Surprisingly, the latter is the only one really worth the time. See how wrong buzz can be?)
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