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Monday, September 25, 2006


Monday ManScan

This picture is so over-the-top I had to include it. It's like an ad for Porn Studlet: The Musical or something.

A Cause des Garcons: Australian Idol: Dean vs. Ricky
Beautiful: Undies And Men
Closet Conundrums: 25-Hour Days, 8-Day Weeks
Completely Naked: Kiss
DILF: Ricardo Villani Goes Brokeback
Fantasies of a Virgin: Justin Nikola
Les Ombres: Andrew Stetson
Mecs Rases: Muscle Guys II
MostProper: Nico Aldana
ModFab: Travis Fimmel
Oh La La Paris: Bell Soto Pt. 2
QueerClick: Cole
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