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Monday, September 18, 2006


Monday ManScan

Tats and abs go together like chips and salsa. Like Laverne and Shirley. Like Mom and apple pie. Or, conversely, like internet and porn.

A Cause des Garcons: Julien Arias, Dieux du Stade '07
Beautiful: Back to School
Closet Conundrums: He Looks So Fine
Fantasies of a Virgin: Matthew Lawrence
Janus Blog: Simplement...Trevor
Kenneth in the (212): Design Star David Bromstad
Les Ombres: Latin Abs
Lone Star Verve: Andy Ashton: The Golden Physique
Mandiva: Marcus Patrick
ModFab: Hump Day Hunk
Queerty: Bartolomeo Fasano
QueerClick: Blake
Tulipboys: Car Wash
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