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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Megan Mullally Sucks Wind

So we watched the premiere of The Megan Mullally Show yesterday, and sadly, there's no other way to put it: she was terrible. Awkward, nervous, and painfully unfunny, everything seemed amateurish and poorly conceived. The set is badly lit, the interview couch is ugly, and the producers haven't prepared Megan well at all. An opening number (theoretically, this is a variety show) with gospel singers backing the star up was forced, as was Will Ferrell singing "Wind Beneath My Wings" in celebration of the show's first day. While Ferrell was okay, the supporting talent -- Jenny McCarthy and a prepubescent karate swordsman -- were residents of Dullsville. (Especially painful: Jenny and Megan discussing their shared experience of playing hookers in movies. Ick.) The truth is, we'll always love Karen Walker and Alexandra Von Beaverhausen...but we're not sure if Megan has the goods.

P.S. -- The Class, CBS' new comedy with New York theatre stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Heather Goldenhersh, and the one and only Julie Halston (love you, Julie!) was better than we expected. The acting ensemble is strong and the writing focused without seeming too market-tested. There are missteps (wassup with Sam Harris?), but generally, it was promising. And we totally have a boner crush on John Bernthal.



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