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Thursday, September 21, 2006


The Golden Gasms

If you're familiar with the brilliant and hilarious site TVGasm, you know that you can't miss their very own awards show, The Golden Gasms. The nominees are up now, and they are howlingly funny. Our favorite category at the moment is the Best Male Idiot; the nominees are Ashley Parker Angel, There & Back; Jason, Laguna Beach; Jonathan Antin, Blow Out; Vinci, 8th and Ocean; and ModFab's own whipping boy, Kevin Federline, for the Teen Choice Awards. We'd love to support K-Fed in all things, but it's a tighter race than you think. The mere sight of Jonathan Antin makes us want to pick up a hammer and bash in our TV, and once when we were watching Ashley Parker Angel's mushy reality show about his 'feelings' and 'creative side', we could swear one of our testicles fell off.



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