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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


CrapWatch: From the Michael Kors White Trash Collection

On your left: the Michael Kors Kilt Flap Shoulder Bag, retailing for $795. Evoking all the glamour and refinement of a 1970's spunk-covered S&M club, Kors' leather-and-chains purse comes with a hideous Scottish-inspired flap, which calls to mind the Scottish highlands...if they were in a trailer park in Alabama. It's the perfect accessory when riding your broken-down Harley, or for carrying your food stamps to the Pic-N-Sav. (Next time you see Michael Kors deciding who has taste and who doesn't on Project Runway, remember: the man couldn't find true style if it were tattooed on his ass. And yes, the idea of Michael Kors' ass makes us nauseous, too. [via Luxist]
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