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Monday, September 11, 2006


Five Years...

The stunned disbelief of my co-workers as I told them that there was a guy in the lobby screaming about a plane and the Twin Towers. Turning on the TV in the breakroom, seeing the second plane...and the slowly dawning reality that New York, New fucking York, was under attack. By whom? For what?

And then the panic to get out of Manhattan, by any means possible. The cell phones all going dead. The closed trains, the canceled buses. The fear the attackers would hit Times Square next, Rockefeller Center, Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty. The face of my beloved, covered in flakes of building and dust and soot, stumbling in to my office after walking 80 blocks to let me know he was still alive.

The eerie silence of Broadway. No cars, no taxis, no sound at all. A city rendered speechless. Awed silence as those from downtown started to arrive, walking up the middle of the street. One guy covered in white powder from head to foot. Another bleeding from the forehead. The power outages. The bomb threats, nine buildings at once in Times Square, some terribly fucked up bastard calling in fakes to scare already terrified people. Wondering if my friends were alive. Wondering if our jobs would disappear. Wondering what my parents must have been thinking, and worrying about them half a continent away. Wondering if we'd be dead tomorrow.

I Remember.


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