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Monday, September 18, 2006


The Final Word on Big Brother

Marcellas Reynolds is out of the Big Brother sequester house, and back where in belongs -- on his blog, where he's spilling insider info like the Exxon Valdez. Among other tidbits: Will blackmailed the producers of the show to include Mike Boogie (Will refused to participate otherwise):
10 minutes after walking into the house I knew the fix was in....The pre-game alliances weren't a secret among the house guests or the producers....As much as I love Janelle, and I do love Janelle, I didn't come into the house to play for her I came to play for myself! I also didn't come into Big Brother to be a part of "Amy and Marcellas: 2.0" or to be Janelle's lapdog. Her friend, yes. Part of a secret alliance, definitely. But I had no desire to be the over-the-top gay best friend. That was 2002. And I have grown. I'm a man. I'm an adult.
We totally heart Marcellas, and wish him only the best in his new endeavors. He's hard on himself in this post, unfairly; if we'd been the only gay locked in what is essentially a fraternity-softcore-prison, we'd have wanted to strangle Howie too. And we love that someone is telling it like it is about the summer's most guilty TV pleasure. Too many people believe the "real" in reality, when it's just as fictitious as Desperate Housewives.



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