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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Exercising the Muscle of Democracy

One of our favorite sites, Electoral-Vote, returns to active life this week; they were an indispensible source of information during the 2004 Kerry/Bush presidential race, and now they're focusing on the 2006 Senate Races. Their nationwide map is perfect for a snapshot glance, and their up-to-date polls give the most current read for serious political junkies. If you haven't been paying attention to your own state, check the background here. (We're dismayed that they've got Claire McCaskill losing in Missouri and Pete Menendez slumping behind Tom Kean, Jr. in our beloved New Jersey. The Kean family is a dynasty in Jersey politics, so we understand the uphill battle Menendez faces...even though he is clearly the better choice on the issues and in terms of experience. As for the Show-Me State, we're betting that the race will be a national indicator. If McCaskill wins, the Democrats will take the Senate AND the House. You heard it here first.)


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