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Monday, September 25, 2006


Art For Sale

Here are the first publicity photos of the Baltimore company of Angels in America, which savvy folk know I am directing for an early October opening. Press photos are cheesy by their very nature -- they don't really look anything like the production (productions shots come much later, and are muuuuch better), and they can do little except hint at the relationships. But here they are, to sell tickets -- and to convince an unwitting, largely clueless media infrastructure to write stories about us. Clockwise from upper left, wearing clothes that look nothing like their real costumes: Don Mullins (Prior) and Richard Goldberg (Louis); Patrick Kilpatrick (Joe) and Shannon Maddox (Harper); Maddox and Kilpatrick, in what I like to call the "Fabio romance novel pose"; and Goldberg and Kilpatrick, who seem to be looking at a pimple on Patrick's wrist. Now THAT's drama.



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