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Thursday, September 21, 2006


American Airlines: The Hetero-Only Mile High Club

American Airlines recently demanded that two gay couples onboard an international flight from France to New York stop holding hands and refrain from any other physical contact. When the men protested by noting that straight people are allowed to touch and kiss on flights, the pilot angrily summoned the gay men to the cockpit and threated that even a light affectionate kiss would result in the plane being diverted off-course, with the couple being dumped off the plane. And lest you think this is some weird internet rumor, let me give you my source: The New Yorker.

Boycott, anyone? I realize American has given money to gay charities, but this is beyond the pale. Until there's a full, public, and widely-publicized apology -- including some sensitivity training for that fucked up pilot -- I say we fly Jet Blue, United, or Continental instead. [thanks to Melissa at Cupcake Planet for the tip]



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