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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


You Tube of the Week: MTV's "Best Video" PART 1

MTV Awards Special
I don't watch MTV anymore. The M stands for "Music" of course but I refer to them now as RTV. Honestly, there's enough reality programming on all channels to make any channel that specializes in it moot. Anyway... thanks to the glory of YouTube I get to see more music videos these days than I have in years what with their being no place for them on the actual tube. So herewith short reviews of the five nominees for "Best Video of the Year" --it's the Oscars of MTV. It turns out that this year of MTV's nominee is very 1998 Oscars. Remember that year when all the nominees were either WW II dramas or Elizabethan stories. Well, most of MTV's "best crop" this year plays fast and furious with time period, mixing decades willy-nilly just for kicks.

"Ain't No Other Man" ~Christina Aguilera as directed by Bryan Barber. XTina always looks kinda cheap --or like a really pretty drag queen --even when she's going for "classic." It probably doesn't help that her dancing is so stripper-with-fake-boobs modern, even in retro costuming. I'm also not sure I get the "Baby Jane" reference or did I miss some cultural reference because I'm too gay-ly focused on Bette Davis's classic grotesque. Still, that said, this video is fun even if it's a little sloppy --was that dressing room scene an homage to her Moulin Rouge! hit? If not there's some repeating herself happening here.

Best Moment: Towards the end. That little shimmy bounce with a smile in her silversparkle dress. H-O-T!
Worst Thing About It: She still seems to have problems controlling her face --there's seriously twitchy expressioning happening here.
Grade: B

"I Write Sins Not Tragedies" ~Panic at the Disco as directed by Shane Drake. Ah the wacky chaotic wedding. A music video staple from way back. But I just gotta say get this outta the way straight up. I think Velvet Goldmine spoiled me for the whole boys-in-makeup thing. It's Bale, Rhys-Meyers & McGregor or nothing for me. Still, it's a good song.

Best Moment: OK. I lied. I love seeing boys in make-up. Even when they're not as cute as Jonathan Rhys-Meyers they're still H-O-T!
Worst Thing About It: That rimming your hat with your fingertips thing gets old the 100th time you see it.
Grade: B -

PART 2 COMING SOON: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Madonna, and Shakira
(The MTV Music Video Awards premiere August 31st on MTV)


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