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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Something to Sing About: The Moose!

August sucks. It's hot as a motherf***er. There are no holidays. The movies are bad. The communal energy of the Internet fades as "traffic" (that's "people" to you non-bloggers) heads to the beach instead of to computers. But thankfully there's still something to sing about...

The Gilded Moose is on a genius roll in these dog days of summer. The instant joy of the Moose is reading the title of the post in unison with the image. So I won't spoil any of these by giving you titles. But really are the following not classics of the gossip/humor/celebrity form?

Lance & Reichen
Sex Change Shocker!
Kate Bosworth

Sometimes the Moose is gut-bustingly rude and inappropriate. Occassionally it's just funny because it's plain bizarre But the Moose guarantees hearty laughter.

* This post was in no way bought or paid for by that time last week when The Gilded Moose gave me props. Honest!*


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