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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Ralph Fiennes Guest Stars! A Very Special Episode of Project Runway.

OK. Not really. But it's easier to imagine than you'd think. The esteemed actor interviews Bravo's blogging producer Andy about the show. Ralph demands to know who slept with whom. It's a great question. Unfortunately the answer may make you throw up in your mouth a little.

And it's not the answer Fiennes was looking for either.

In other Project Runway related matter, tell me this: Are you reading any recaps? I think Television Without Pity created the whole meta game of summarizing something we've all already watched but it sure took off as an internet fixture, this recap / summary habit. Some Runway lovers that I check in with regularaly include the hilarious fourfour (from whom this pic was lifted), TWoP -the titan of the form but alas no pictures, the Really funny Dan Renzi, and a former internet mate o' mine, Catherine Cantieri. How about you? Am I missing any good Runway run throughs?

Another undoubtedly stellar episode of Project Runway airs tonight on Bravo.


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