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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Mystery Guest Blogger...Revealed!

Last week, we teased you with a special guest who would be filling in during our vacation. I'm happy to report that the Fabulousity will be delivered by our favorite blogger in the universe, Nathaniel of The Film Experience. Many of you read his brilliant movie commentary already; for the next few days, he'll be holding court here on all of manner of pop culture. (Thanks, Nat...I'll totally pick up the tab for dinner next time.)

I've also left a few pre-written posts for you, which Nathaniel will drop into his mix...daily content will continue, we promise! And I'll be back at the reins by the weekend. Until then, picture me and Mr. ModFab, on a private beach outside our private bungalow (no kidding!), sipping martinis and turning a dark, crispy tan. Like bacon. (Bring it on, global warming!)


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