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Friday, August 18, 2006


Motley Mix: They Enjoy Being a Girl

Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what girls were made of. Happily the recipe has been updated. Sometimes they now come with sass, fire, and even boy parts (!)

-First we'll start with the traditional ingredients. The internet is in an uproar about the latest Project Runway and its effect on the beloved impossibly prettypretty Alison. How are you holding up?

-Speaking of reality show contestants who got the boot. The Oscar Watching internet is explosively excited about the Envelope's buzz on American Idol reject Jennifer Hudson and her Dreamgirls performance. I'm singing my own tune here. It's called "And I Am Telling You (I Want Credit)" since I said whoever played the role (well before it was cast) would be Oscar nominated way back in October and then I placed Hudson in the #1 position in my year-in-advance Oscar predictions, too. Now, I know I'm small potatoes in comparison to the LA Times (duh!) but I still called this first. So stroke my needy ego in the comments.

-And finally we offer you the triumphant return of Justin Bond aka Kiki of Kiki & Herb. LOGO and the NY Times both love the new show and so will everyone else. Kiki & Herb are genius. That's a word that gets used to often. I throw it around too much myself. But in this case, I'm not at all embarrassed to employ it. Justin Bond is also appearing in a film made my another boy who enjoys being a girl (<<--see pic to your left). I'm speaking of the man once known as Hedwig, John Cameron Mitchell. His second film, the polysexual explicit comedy Shortbus, is almost upon us. I cannot wait. How about you?

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