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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Motley Mix: Short Performance, Big Rewards

- Among the many scandals of this year's Emmy nominations: Ellen Burstyn, nominated for Best Supporting Actress...for a 14-second performance. In the HBO movie Mrs. Harris, she had two lines totalling 38 words. Somewhere, Judi Dench is mighty proud.

- Dave Navarro, my future love slave, guitarist for Panic Channel, and host of CBS' Rockstar, has dumped me...for a cheap, tawdry porn star. I may never recover.

- How many damn Klimt paintings did those Nazis steal, anyway?

- As we all know, Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum hates the gays. But last week (way behind in the polls), he decided he loved the gays. But now he hates the gays again. We're real torn up about it. Does this make him a flip-flopper like John Kerry?


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