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Friday, August 04, 2006


Motley Mix: Food Stamps In, Actual Money Out

- The U.S. Senate sends a message to hard-working families struggling at the poverty line: go fuck yourselves. If there weren't enough reasons to clean house this November -- Iraq, Lebanon, global warming, the deficit, stem cells, widespread corruption -- you can now add the cruel refusal to raise the minimum wage in over 11 years (even as they give themselves another raise, making $165,200). Children will starve. Thanks, Congress.

- Keith, who was booted off Project Runway for cheating with pattern books and leaving the grounds, has lots of excuses for his bad behavior. Read them all. Color us unimpressed, both by his arrogance and by his overrated, simplistic designs. [Blogging Project Runway]

- Calling all tourists planning to come to New York: if you bother us with your prattle while we're trying to get to work, don't expect a lot of love in return. [Overheard in New York]


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