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Monday, August 14, 2006


Motley Mix: Dreamgirls Tests Like A, Well, You Know...

- The first Hollywood test screenings of the new movie Dreamgirls are in. And the word is: very, very good. We are very busy right now exploding with excitement, but we'll get back to you in a minute. [Cinematical]

- Last week's premiere of Noah's Arc took major leaps forward in style and budget: more more complex storylines, an enlarged acting ensemble and much-improved music (Beyonce in the house!). LOGO now has web-only 'digisodes' available to carry us from one Wednesday to the next; the first one includes queeny Alex (Rodney Chester) ruminating at length on his sexual past...with girls.

- One of our blog boyfriends, Avi at Ultranow, has transformed himself into a bartender. His first concoction: the Mel Gibson. It's highly toxic and packs a wallop, as you might imagine.

- As your editor and his hubby pack bags for a long-overdue vacation, we found this AOL Travel tip quite useful: the 11 Best Nude Beaches in the United States. Summer ain't over yet, boys.

- Tony Blair urges an "immediate ceasefire." NOW who's Bush's bitch, huh? [BBC]

- Pubic hair is so often overlooked. Thank God for the internet, where such trespasses can be redressed.
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