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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Motley Mix: Clay Aiken Takes It 1,000 Different Ways

- Clay Aiken will release his new album in September. Primarily an album of covers, the Gayken will bombastically croon hits by Air Supply, Foreigner, and Bad English and others (for the tone deaf and eternally curious among you, samples can be downloaded here). The new album will be titled A Thousand Different Ways, which according to press reports does NOT describe Clay's preferred methods of receiving big gay buttsex from online gentlemen callers.

- Another month, another crappy Dangerous Muse song. I love my buddy Arjan more than I love chocolate, but I just don't get the gay music frenzy for this group. Yes, one of them is pretty. But I submit three rebuttals. First: they're closeted. Second: they're derivative. Third: Electroclash is over, and Fischerspooner does it better anyway.

- Rod2.0 links up a revealing interview with the cast of Noah's Arc, which has some illuminating tidbits about production elements in advance of the season two premiere next week. He also discusses the fact that most of the cast refuses to discuss their sexual orientation. There's something that bothers me about that -- you're on the homo network, naked and simulating sex with boys, what's left to be demure about? -- but the acting is generally solid, which is all that really matters in that regard.

- Finally, Lewis at Lone Star Verve pays glorious tribute to one of ModFab's musical heroes: Grace Jones. Pull up to the bumper, baby. (And if you don't own Jones' master opus, Slave To The Rhythm, you have missed out on one of the great albums of all time.)

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