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Sunday, August 13, 2006


ModMusic: Robbie Williams' New "Rudebox"

We've heard the rumors for a while that Robbie Williams would be following up his popular but critically-panned album, Intensive Care, with a dance album this fall. Now that we've seen the video for his first single (and the title track of the new album), "Rudebox", we can report that it's true. "Rudebox" has a spunky but derivative electro vibe that punctuates an old Sly and Robbie sample, but mostly, the track sounds an awful lot like Justin Timberlake's equally lackluster "SexyBack". Neither song is terrible after a listen or two, but it's hard to inspired by either one.

But keep the faith, ModFabbers: DanceFrontDoor reports that Robbie's new record will feature collaborations with Pet Shop Boys, William Orbit (Madonna's Ray of Light CD), and Mark Ronson (Christina Aguilera). It can't all be bad, right?

Watch: "Rudebox" Video [broadband] [dialup]
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