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Friday, August 04, 2006


Like Prince Said, I'm One Sexy Mutha (Bleep)

After my shameless vote trolling, I can't believe one of you actually nominated me for Sexy Gay Blogger of the Day. Clearly, my bribes are paying off. (And even more clearly, I need a better headshot.) Mark, who runs the site (and a SGB himself, rowr), sent me a lovely email telling me how unbelievably hot and bothered the nominators were. Although I have a guess at who might be the one quoted (especially since very few of you have seen me naked...have you?), I appreciate the sentiment and boost to the old self-esteem.

Now if you would be so kind as to nominate these ten sexy bloggers, my life would be complete (in alpha order): Arjan, Ashley, Avi, Damion, Eddie, Keith, Nathaniel, Nick, Par, Rod, and my beloved Stinky. I'll tease you with this: I have slept with one of them, and he was amazing in the sack.


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