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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Everything You Wanted To Know About ModFab But Were Afraid To Ask

This most recent meme I got seems to be tailored specifically for gay men. Because we're so endlessly fascinating, I guess. So I'm tagging my brethren Avi, Damion, and Frank, hoping their answers will be more interesting than mine...

1. How old were you when you knew you were gay? I was attracted to boys very early -- maybe 8 or 9 years old. But the idea of 'gay' didn't hit until 13 or 14.
2. Have you ever had sex with the opposite sex? Yes. Many times.
3. Who was the first person you came out to? I pretty much freaked out one day and told everyone in the high school drama department.
4. Are you out to your family? Yes.
5. Do you want children? Only for occasional dusting.
6. Do you have more gay friends or straight friends? Straight, but that's merely by happenstance.
7. Were you out in school? Yep.
8. Is your best friend the same sex as you? No.
9. Have you ever had sex with them? I wish. She's smokin' hot.
10. Would you prefer to date a guy taller than you or shorter than you? I like extremes. Much taller or much shorter.
11. Have you ever been in a sling? No.
12. Have you ever done a 3-way? Yep.
13. Have you ever dressed in drag? A faux Balenciaga with a spitfire red wig. I was quite fetching. I played Graciela Fontaine, a past-her-prime cabaret star. I even did my own singing.
14. Would you date a drag queen? Sure. People are people.
15. Are you a top/bottom or truly versatile? I hate the idea of limits.
16. Have you had sex with someone of a different ethnicity? I hate the idea of limits.
17. How many Cher CDs do you own? Two. No wait, three if you count the greatest hits.
18. Name of your first love? Kelly Buffington. Yeah, I know. Not exactly Jeff Stryker.
19. Do you still talk to him? No. Sometimes I wonder where he is, and if he's happy. I hope so.
20. Does size matter? Only to idiots.
21. Biggest turn on? Confidence.
22. Biggest turn off? Lying. Deceitfulness.
23. Ever been harassed due to your orientation? Yes. I was bashed in college.
24. Worst gay stereotype that applies to you? I move important things out of the way so I can watch Project Runway on Wednesday nights.
25. Ever been to a pride rally? Every year since 1989.
26. Would you marry if you could? I can, and I have.
27. Would you rather be rich and smart or young and beautiful? Rich and smart...I'm already young and beautiful. What? Shut up, I am.
28. Do you sculpt your eyebrows? Yes. It's my secret shame.
29. Do you trim your body hair? Thankfully, no. My man likes it natural, so I don't have to do any of that ridiculous bullshit.
30. Ever had sex with more than one person in a day? Yes.
31. Ever been to an orgy? Yes.
32. Have you dated your best friend's ex? No...I barely even remember her ex. ;-)
33. Would you vote for Hillary Clinton if she ran for president? I'd vote her to be God.
34. Do you want monogamy in your relationships? Hmmm. I am in a long-term monogamous marriage, but I don't feel that monogamy and committed love are the same thing. The idea of exploration intrigues me.
35. Do you believe in true love? I'm living proof of it.
36. Do you have any tattoos? I want one SO BADLY. Unfortunately, I'm an enormous chickenshit when it comes to these things. Hopefully Shannon or Damion will drag me to a tattoo artist one day and make me commit to it.
37. Do you have any piercings? Yes.
38. Would you date a smoker? Yes. But they'd have to smoke outside.
39. Do you get HIV tests every 6 months? Not any more.
40. Do you know anyone who has died from H.I.V.? Yes. I miss them all very much.
41. Do you know what Stonewall was? Shameful that this question has to be asked. It should be taught in history classes, along with Nat Turner and other socially conscious uprisings.
42. Strangest place you have had sex? On the Acela train.
43. Strangest place you've woken up? Freshman year, dorm bathroom floor, after a fight between a bottle of tequila and my stomach. The tequila won.
44. Are your best years behind or in front of you? I have to believe they're in front of me, right? I mean, otherwise, just go ahead and put me in a pine box...
45. Favorite porn movie? Wow. HUGE question. Vintage porn would be Splash Shots with Jim Bentley. More recently, I'd say Titan Media's Trespass; that Dred Scott is something else...
46. Are you in love now? Truly. Madly. Deeply.
47. Ever been in love with a straight guy? Only crushes. Love is reserved for those who can love you back.
48. Did you ever have sex with them? No. If they had sex with me, they're bisexual at the very least. Listen up, gay friends: truly straight boys do not have sex with guys, not even for money or curiosity. That is a beautiful lie made up by the porn industry.
49. Have you ever been to a nude beach? Yes.
50. Have you ever been/stayed in a relationship for Money or Security, instead of Love and Friendship? No.


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