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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Dan, My Man

Over at the Film Experience I try to be polysexual or at least actressual.. --and even though I often fail hilariously at containing the flamer within it's what I shoot for when it comes to cinephiliac horniness. But here at ModFab I'm gonna be gay with a capital G. It's not Monday or Friday (ain't ModFab sweet to open and close your workweek that way?) but I thought I'd share anyway...

Very few people do it for me in quite the way that Dan Futterman does. Let's call him 'Flutterman' for what he doin' to my heart whenever I think of him in his undies in Urbania *sigh* or his cute-as-is-humanly-possible comic spin on the gay-acting straight man who woo'ed Charlotte on Sex & The City.

On Sex & the City he played a pastry chef which makes absolute sense because he's totally scrumptious

Now, where was I.

Oh yes. Why was I daydreaming about Flutterman... I was reading a similarly lusty post @ the fun movie blog Stale Popcorn about how Futterman will be playing Dan Pearl in the upcoming Angelina Jolie pic A Mighty Heart. She's playing his widow. I know it's totally inappropriate to turn news of a film about a slain journalist into an excuse at drooling over one of the cutest men on the planet but I couldn't help myself.

I get weak in the presence of beauty. And apparently other people do to. Witness this choice item from e-bay.


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