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Thursday, August 24, 2006


All's I'm Gonna Say About Runway...

I'm sure I'm in the minority about last night's Project Runway controversy during the "Mom Challenge," but tough titty: Angela's Mom was completely in the wrong, and really fucked over Jeffrey. I know, everybody felt weepy when Mom was crying, but from my perspective she totally deserved his vitriol. First, she implores him to design conservatively, wanting her blobby body completely covered with dull colors. And when he GIVES her that, she bitches about it...to the boss (Tim Gunn)! If she'd done it to me, I'd have told her to walk the runway naked.

What really went beyond the pale was Angela, who coached her mom during the fittings on finding fault with Jeffrey's dress, telling her to voice displeasure on the runway in front of the judges. I think Angela's Mom is just a dimwit, but her daughter is a vicious, evil manipulator...and untalented to boot. (Since when did Audrey Hepburn wear friggin' fringe?!?) Note to Michael Kors: Send Angela home next week, where she and her mother can sit around, feel sorry for themselves, and play the victim together.

P.S. -- The second biggest scandal on TV last night was on Noah's Arc -- hetero buddy Guy admitted to jealous Alex that he was, in fact, going to steal his man Trey. Ooooo, no she didn't! Clutch the mutherfuckin pearls! When straight boys start stealing our boyfriends, no one is safe.
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