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Monday, July 03, 2006


Things We Learned in the ModFab Survey

1. 59% of you read us once a day or more. 86% of you stop by at least once a week.
2. 89% of you read everything I write. (I am so touched.) However...
3. Most of you favor the Friday Hot Guys (50%) or Stage Addiction (45%).
4. When I write about reality shows, as many of you like it (46%) as hate it (46%).
5. Most of you are reading this at the actual site. (Hint: check out Bloglines to make all of your blogreading easier.)
6. The OTHER blogs, read by the readers of Modern Fabulousity (top ten):
  1. Film Experience
  2. Towleroad
  3. Oh la la Paris
  4. arjan writes
  5. Completely Naked
  6. The Malcontent
  7. Queerty
  8. Crooks and Liars
  9. Go Fug Yourself
  10. Daily Kos
  11. Pam's House Blend


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