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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Stage Addiction: I'm Loving That Catwoman-Batman Duet

- The upcoming Broadway season continues to take shape...and that shape seems to be as lumpy as oatmeal and ill-fitting like a cheap suit. Expect announcements in the next few weeks for two additions: in January, Douglas Carter Beane's comedy from last winter, The Little Dog Laughed, will reside at the Cort Theatre (but with some cast changes in store). And the Palace Theatre -- recently vacated by the dreadful Lestat -- will stay empty to prepare for their Spring 2007 entrant, Legally Blonde: The Musical, which will begin performances in San Francisco in January. (A great multimedia video with the Blonde creators is on the SF site.)

- But if Blonde and Dog are taking the last two available Broadway theatres, where then does the muchly-buzzed High Fidelity land? Only two real options, we think: going into the Imperial when Dirty Rotten Scoundrels shutters in December, or following the six-months-and-we're-out return of Les Miserables when it leaves the Broadhurst.)

- And now, a song from Batman: The Musical. Yeah. Batman. The Musical. I shit you not.

- I was going to write about Usher's two-month starring gig in Chicago, but I was so bored that I decided to let Amy and Rod handle the gushing. Me, I'm agreeing with PopWatch that it's just more crass commercialism. When are people going to learn that big stars (Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, Joey Fatone) are not prepared for the rigors of the stage? (And in a related Chicago question...is Rita Wilson really big enough to sell tickets? Really?)

- Here's my best fortune-teller impression: wanna know what show will win the Tony for Best Musical Revival two years from now, in 2008? Here's my guess.

- A very starry private reading gives us a hint at the possible casting for Off-Broadway's Xanadu. Jane Krakowski (Nine, Ally McBeal) leads an ensemble that includes Ben Vereen (All That Jazz), Cheyenne Jackson (United 93), Mary Testa (See What I Wanna See), Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy), and Darius de Haas. If that cast holds, it'll be the best evening of show music all year.

- A correction to your program: Christopher Walken has left the Public's production of Mother Courage and Her Children, starring Meryl Streep, over "scheduling issues." Replacing Walken will be Kevin Kline, a much bigger star whose interest in playing the role had nothing to do with Walken leaving. Nothing at all. Whatsoever. Nada. Zip. Nope. Not a thing. Total coincidence.

- Would you like to go eat at Le Madeleine or Esca before seeing a show? I'll give you directions: go down 9th Avenue and take a right on I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change Way. I shit you not (again).


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